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03/11/2013 16:02

To the Basic Education Data Collection Application socializa

Dikpora DIY - Thursday ( 24/10/2013 ) at 09.00 am done training and socialization of data collection for the SLB operator ( Extraordinary School ) in Yogyakarta.
From 08.30 in the morning about 70 representatives from the SLB Operator as DIY already present in the Hall 3rd floor Dikpora .
Pelatiihan held at 09.00 until 12.00 this , explained that the old data collection system has been upgraded with the new system .
With the development of this new system the central government hopes more schools facilitated data collection operator in pengentryan data so kevalidtan and better collection efficiency .
He also told the participants that the old data remains in use , and the system has no effect on the old system so that the operator does not need to re mengentry , but only forward the data to be synchronized selanjutknya as usual.

The series of events began this morning dissemination of speech that the head of Section SLB core event is subsequently forwarded by Bambang Kuncoro exposure to the material.
In this session, the participants also provided feedback in the form of complaints and problems pengetrian school to further discuss the data together so that makes this time of socialization is more effective.

Finally socialization closed at 12.00 pm.