About Us


Dena-Upakara Institution has contined the Dutch missionary project since 1938 as SLB/B Dena-Upakara (Special School for the Deaf) that settled at Mangli St. No. 5 Wonosobo, Central Java. In 1996, Dena-Upakara school expanded education for those with multiple disabilities to include students who are deaf, deaf and blind, and deaf and low vision. The school's name was changed to SLB/G-AB (Special School for the Deaf-Blind) Helen Keller Indonesia. Dena-Upakara has permission to operate as the DIY (Yogyakarta Special District), according to the Governor's Letter of Decision No. 47/12/2005, dated April 26, 2004.


Based upon the values of Christianity, it is the goal of SLB/G-AB Helen Keller Indonesia to serve students who are deaf and blind


It is the mission of SLB/G-AB Helen Keller Indonesia to serve children who are deaf and blind so that they may become independent, productive citizens